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Looking for psychotherapy in Bath or Bristol?


If so, I hope you will find some answers to your initial enquiries on these pages. Roots Psychotherapy is a safe, confidential space, in which you can explore whichever elements of your life, relationships and experiences you feel will be helpful.

My name is Luke. I offer therapy to individuals aged 18 or over.

I am a Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapist in training working at The Practice Rooms in central Bath and Bristol. You can read about The Practice Rooms here, and this site gives you a few details about me.


I offer weekly sessions of 50 minutes and my fee is £35. A percentage of your fee is donated to Tree Sisters. So by attending therapy you are also helping efforts to restore the global forest. You may also like to know something about my approach


You can contact me on 07904 612467 or luke@rootspsychotherapy.org


Attending, or thinking about coming to a first session might fill you with a range of feelings; including anticipation,  excitement and anxiety amongst other things...


Here’s some useful information to add to that potentially potent mix…