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Welcome to Roots Psychotherapy 



Everyone faces challenges and difficulties. Sometimes these feel too much to sort out on your own. You may be anxious, feel depressed, lonely or stuck in some way. You may have a feeling that something isn't right, or that you keep repeating experiences you would like to move beyond. If so, you are not alone.

Many people discover in the face of these difficulties that friends, family and colleagues, although well meaning, cannot provide unbiased, non judgemental support. It can be very helpful to speak to a therapist who is not connected to your personal life and history. If trust can build between you and a therapist, psychotherapy can offer a unique opportunity to work through your difficulties.


My name is Luke Roberts. I offer 1:1 therapy to individuals aged 18 or over. I call my practice and website Roots Psychotherapy, as I believe it helps people to be in touch with the roots of their difficulties. Roots Psychotherapy is a safe, warm and confidential space in central Bath, in which we can explore whichever elements of your life, relationships and experiences you feel will be helpful. My aim is to support you in this process.

I am a Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapist in training working at The Practice Rooms in central Bath. You can read about The Practice Rooms here, and this site gives you a few details about me and my take on psychotherapy.


I offer 50 minute sessions which take place once a week.  My fee is £40 per session. A percentage of your fee is donated to Tree Sisters. So by attending therapy you are also helping efforts to restore forest ecosystems. 


You can contact me on 07904 612467 or

I offer a 20 minute phone call to anyone making a first enquiry. I do not charge for this. The purpose of this call is to address any doubts or practical issues that are better discussed over the phone before we meet. 


Attending, or thinking about coming to therapy might fill you with a range of feelings; including anticipation,  excitement and anxiety amongst other things. Having done it myself | know it takes some guts to take the first step.

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