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About me

Hello. My name is Luke Roberts. I offer therapy to individuals aged 18 or older. 


I am a Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapist in training. I began the 6-7 year training in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy at the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling in 2018. My training gives a grounding in the practice and history of the main psychotherapeutic ways of working, which stem from psychoanalytic and humanistic therapies. In plain language, psychoanalytic therapies look more at understanding how and why we are the person we are today. Whereas humanistic therapies tend to focus on the person we are in the process of becoming. 

I opened a private practice in 2021. Prior to this I worked for a decade in wellbeing support services for adults. While all of this is true and perhaps useful, I am also of the view that our life experiences (yours and mine), and how we respond to one another in therapy will play a bigger role in shaping how we work together.


I can only give my personal view of what psychotherapy is, or can be. You are likely to get a different view from a different therapist. Most people would agree that psychotherapy is a talking therapy, although silences and non-verbal communications also play their part. For me psychotherapy is a unique meeting between two individuals, client and therapist. It is an agreement to work through any difficulties the client feels able to bring. There are no guarantees in this process. However, my commitment as a therapist is to listen with attention and compassion as well as giving you honest responses.


I believe it is helpful to get to the roots of what is causing difficulty, pain, loneliness and/or other disturbances. Roots are also a (normally invisible) support structure and the site of complex exchanges in the relationships between a plant and its environment. I believe psychotherapy can draw your attention to something similar in your life. In other words, it provides a way into seeing more clearly what works and does not work for you, bringing greater awareness to relationships and interactions that benefit and/or inhibit you. 


I charge £40 per session. Sessions last 50 minutes. They are held weekly at a time which works for both of us. 

I ask for payment of a first session at least 48 hours in advance to book your space. During the first session we can discuss what payment arrangement works for you going forward. 


All sessions are held at the Practice Rooms in central Bath. Full directions and details are sent to you once you have booked and paid for a first session.


This depends on you. My suggestion is to try a few sessions and we can review how it is going. In my experience, some people want to go deeply in to a series of interconnected issues in their life and this takes some time. Others are looking for shorter term support with a specific difficulty. 

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