My approach is that each person is unique and the task at hand is to find a shared language or way of working, which fits your needs, frames of reference and ways of being.  Mutual trust is an essential ingredient in a therapeutic relationship. Trust does not always come easily, so it can take some time for the therapeutic relationship to form and bear fruit.

I am mindful of how we are all shaped by our environments, experiences and interactions. I am particularly interested in how people organise their experience and how this affects the ways they are in the world and their life rhythms. I’m also interested in how the body feels, holds, interprets and manifests experiences. I encourage you to be curious, playful and committed to exploring your patterns, relationships and ways of being in the world.

I have been practicing qigong since 2010. For me qigong is very health promoting, and a way of integrating physical, emotional and intellectual experience. It has a strong influence on how I practice psychotherapy.

I bring compassion, empathy, respect, warmth, honesty, tenderness and reverence to this work. I also believe that in some circumstances, constructive challenge can be a cornerstone of effective therapy.

I am a trainee member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy and my work is guided by their Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

"we are all shaped by our environments, experiences and interactions"